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About Us

"Choose The Right Class For Your Child And You Will Change Their Life In Ways They'd Never Dreamed Possible."

Our Mission is to provide performing arts instruction and access to all who desire to perform, create, build confidence, and be healthy.

Many studios are extremely wastful & expensive, averaging $50 for each 1 hour class, which adds up over the course of a month. Sadly, this causes many would-be student learners & performers to miss out on what otherwise could have been a life-changing opportunity.

We are mindful of this problem and are always striving to minimize the financial committment our Dance Family Memebers are making.

Our staff is required to have another career outside of The Studio so that they can work solely because of their passion and love for the arts…not because it has to be their livlihood. When you get to perform and teach just because you love it, and not because it pays the bills…your best work is able to shine!

Just this last season we combined our two locations into a new dance complex that houses 5 seperate dance rooms, with one large enough to support production pieces (as big as a stage), a large lobby, a cubby area, a homework room, and a huge construction zone for the Prop Dads to store and build our props.

The Studio LDG is located right next to Rancho Grande in Liberty. Our other neighbors include a fitness facility, a Subway, Dunkin, Figiā€¦lots of options for food and family entertainment while dancers are in class!