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Students focus on barre work, leaps, turns and ballet terminology as they grow in their strength and understanding on the most basic form of dance. Ballet Technique, Advanced Ballet and Point/Pre-Pointe are available.


Dancers learn to portray a variety of characters with their faces and movements while lip-syncing along to some of their favorite songs from Disney to Broadway...Boys Musical Theater is offered for boys only and a focus on more masculine music and movements.

Musical Theatre

Our studio introduces tap students of both genders to both traditional tap steps as well as more modern, street style rhythmical tap styles. Our highest level of tap students will be challenged with fast-paced traditional tap steps as well as matching rhythms in acapella tap dances.


A ballet based dance that focuses on expressing the meaning of the music through movement. Classes will strongly emphasize developing technique as well as teaching students to relate to the songs they are dancing to and portray the emotions described in the lyrics.


Dancers learn acrobatic skills, develop flexibility, and build stamina. Acro skills will be paired with choreography and dance skills. Students will be required to master certain skill sets before enrolling.


Students will learn to dance with high energy and differentiate movement from smooth to sharp isolations...classes are high energy and have a sassy, jazz flavor with a focus on age appropriate style and moves.

Girl's Hip-Hop

Ages 3 – 18 will primarily focus on a combination of tap and ballet while ages 13+ will have a combination of jazz and ballet with tap offered separately.

Girl's Combination Classes

One of our favorite Studio traditions and is a great way for the whole family to get involved. Men have the chance to show their stuff while learning entertaining hip hop and tap dances, all while supporting their favorite dancer.

Dancin' Dads

An opportunity for students of all abilities to have the chance to express themselves through dance. Students will engage in many movement based activities, and connect with caring teachers and junior staff.

Special Needs

A class for women who want to get their groove on! Ladies of all shapes, sizes and ability come together to learn fun and sassy tap, jazz and hip hop routines during this upbeat, active 90 minute ladies night out. No dance experience required!

Adult Class

Focuses on developing our students into triple threats through singing, acting and dance...classes will focus on vocals, reading music and finding harmonies within a song...dance moves are added in to create a fun and dynamic performance.


Classes are instructed by male teachers with diverse dance back grounds who will introduce the boys to a variety of styles. These classes also focus on developing the ability to freestyle

Boy's Hip-Hop

Focuses on partnering as well as multiple styles of ballroom dance such as swing, jive and Latin styles...Students will learn age appropriate tricks and lifts with a partner, emphasizing trust and teamwork.


This class focuses on skill development in the areas of Tap and Musical Theater. This class is for boys aged 6-10 with at least 1 year of dance experience.

Boy's Combination Classes

Smaller Classes & Personalized Attention

The Studio LDG works to develop technique, performance quality and leadership through our small class sizes and personalized attention. We do individual placement with Ms. Kim to ensure your dancer is placed at the right age, skill level and classes that will help them achieve their goals…whether that is simply having fun with friends or preparing for a career in the performing arts!

Meeting Our Amazing
Dance Instructors

The Studio is honored to have a group
of individuals who have both the passion and
talent for the arts, teaching, and working with youth. You can click on their picture and read their bios to learn a little more about our team!

Kim Kruske

Studio Owner

Heather Hampel

Lead Dance Instsructor

Shay Huffman

Director of Dance Programs

Lily Jackson

Dance Instructor


Senior Dance Instructor

Jerimiah Dean

Director of Boy's Hip-Hop Program

Annie Matthys

Senior Dance Instructor

Katie Buzard

Senior Staff Dance Instructor

Jeremy Finney

Senior Dance Instructor

Jennie Bryan

Assistant Instructor

Brooke Hoffecker

Senior Staff Dance Instructor

Hallie Stamper

Senior Staff Dance Instructor

More About Miss Hallie

Clair Sweet

Senior Dance Instructor

More About Miss Clair

Kathy Cain-Espeland

Office Manager

More About Miss Kathy

Jess Henrie

Dance Instructor

Jordan Kaya

Dance Instructor

2022-2023 Junior Staff

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