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Prince Davis – Coach P

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Coach P brings experience in street dance and traditional hip hop that we have been missing at The Studio and we are so excited to have him!

Here is a little more about Coach P: Prince Davis started dancing at the age of 11. He was first inspired by watching the music video of Usher, My Way. Seeing the way he could glide around the floor and be so smooth triggered prince’s desire to learn. He started watching more videos and old dance movies, like Breakin’ 2 : Electric Boogaloo and The Freshest Kids, and taught himself. It came so natural. He danced at school for every talent show and even performed routines for area nursing homes. As a teenager, he discovered Mr.Wiggles on the internet, one of his favorite dancers, and realized street dancing was his gift. At church, he formed dance battles and competitions with friends and fellow streetdancers.

Last year he performed at his son’s school to inspire and show kids the art of hip hop. Dance is his passion, his way of expression, and he is excited to get to share this at The Studio.