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Understanding The Schedule

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Understanding The Schedule

The Studio, LDG Enrollment Tips/Guidelines

***At the Studio we work to place our kids in the best learning environment for their age, skill set and ability to focus and advance. Many studios will put 30 kids in a class because they all fall in the same age range of 8-10. The problem is there is an 8 year old in there that can land a triple turn, has all her splits, and can learn and retain choreography faster than most. She is standing next to a 10 year old girl who is in her first dance class, has little to no flexibility yet, doesn’t know what a triple turn is and feels insecure standing next to someone far above her experience. So we split our classes based on more than just age…it is our starting place for new students but we don’t want to hold our advanced kiddos back or overwhelm our new students or those that need a little slower instruction to get to where they want to be. This makes class so much better….but enrollment so much more difficult 🙂

You will see some classes that say beg/intermed—please understand a beginner can be any student in their first 3+ years of dance still. Or you might have been intermediate in a 5-7 class and we think you can handle moving up an age bracket but would start you at beginner with the older girls, etc. You will also see classes that say “comp level”…this is for our competition level students. These are very advanced groupings and you have to have Ms. Kim’s approval to move into these classes (not EVERY comp kid is qualified to be in here and some advanced dancers who are NOT on comp team CAN be in these). You will also see classes that say “need approval”…these are typically because these are “leveled” classes (contemporary, lyrical, musical theater, acro). We use ages as a guideline for these but you have to attain certain skill sets to move onto the next level of these classes.

Here are a couple of class specific prequalifications or rules…

***All Acro, Ballroom and Musical theater students also have to be enrolled in a ballet class. This can be a combo class, ballet technique, lyrical, or contemporary. We work on specific skill sets in these classes and they need to be working on basic dance “technique” which they will get in their ballet class.

***All contemporary or lyrical students MUST have had a prior ballet class. These are considered specialty ballet classes and are more advanced than a ballet combo class.

***Junior ballroom…this is for ages 7 up but is based on available partners. At enrollment, we will enroll all boys interested. For the girls, you will be placed on a wait list and once enrollment closes we will partner kids based on size and let you know if we were able to find a spot for you. This class involves strong partnership skills (they must be willing to dance with a boy/girl and touch them—every year we have a little one that panics realizing they have to dance with a boy); boys must have a minimum upper body strength to start learning basic skills (need to be able to do push ups; hold their own body weight…). We many times have 13 year old girls who are 5’3 who want to do this class but the tallest boy is 11 and 4’10…simple basic turns don’t work with these height differences.

Ballet tech classes/leaps and turns are NON PERFORMANCE classes…they do not do a recital dance. These are simply more serious skill based classes that really focus on technique, posture, flexibility. This is NOT a class for your recreational dancer who just wants to have fun. These are hard, focused, no talking type of classes. These are great for our girls who love ballet and want to eventually take the pathway to competative dance or pointe or are in competition and need to work on technique. Buns/tights/leotards required for these classes.

*Colors are how we designate a combo class through the year for pictures/show splits/recital tickets/costumes. It is important that you know your child’s color. There is no rhyme or reason and they change every year…lavendar was for 3-4 year olds last year, its for 12-15 year olds this year. That is done on purpose to not make certain colors “mean” something they don’t. Some colors (metallics) are comp level advanced combo classes. Again, you don’t have to be in competition to be in these but must be approved to be in this level.

*You will see a 1, 2 or 3 printed in parenthesis on the classes on the schedule. This indicates which show they will perform in this year. We are doing this so you can be proactive in your planning for this year. Show 1 is the noon show, show 2 is the 3:00 show and show 3 is the 6:00 pm show.

*If you see something that says “Comp” these are times/rooms we have designated for our staff to work with groups on comp routines- these will be scheduled out with groups after tryouts.

*Metallic classes…there are some changes here…they are NOT the same groups as last year so reach out to me and I’ll let you know!

*Adults… We will start NORMAL weekly classes for both Adult classes and Dancing Dads in January.

*Finally, we spend the first month observing all of our students. We start back out with basics and make sure we catch the whole class up to the same level. If we find that we have placed someone in a class that is either too easy or too difficult, we will make the recommendation to move them. Ms. Kim meets with all the teachers after the first 4 weeks to evaluate all of the students to ensure they are in the right spot!